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Monthly archive October, 2006

Hanging out with Ron Adams

Recently I’ve been frustrated with the comparitive lack of ‘antiques’ African-Americans have passed down to one another mostly because of the tainted history of our existence here in the US. Wanting more than your typical spectrum that goes from African Masks to mammie dolls, its becoming more and more clear to me that one of...

MODA T-shirt exhibition

Stopped by the opening party for this new show going on at the Museum of Design Atlanta. Very interesting things being done with shirts – by local and international designers. Don’t know how they forgot to add our Nonstop tees to the collection… maybe they’ll get with it next time. ATL’s Michael Knight from Project...

wish atlanta – grand o party

Last night we went to celebrate wish’s grand re-opening. Dave White was in the building doing a live install. very cool. got some treats to take home so we were very happy. see the pix. Tweet

Red Bull Art of the Can – Atlanta

Went to the amazing gallery Mason Murer to check out the Red Bull Art of the Can exhibit. Very cool stuff indeed. Definitely worth checking out. See pix here. Tweet

Hi-Tek Album Release on Tuesday

Hi-Tek actually left the ‘Natti’ and came thru MJQ for his ‘album release party.’ It was cool – second fridays are a nice reason to head to the Q. Big ups to Rasta Root on his 1 year anniversary. Tweet

Let’s take a sec to think back

This is the last weekend the Lakewood Antiques Market will be open after 20 years of recycling history. Today was our first time going. It was very cool to meet the vendors and hear about the reasons it had to close. Partly due to us young people not caring about old stuff. Most styles that...

Pumpkin Patch Pix

Wednesday I got to tag along on another fun photoshoot. This time: Burt’s Pumpkin Patch! It was a beautiful drive up to North Georgia seeing the changing of the leaves.. something I never miss an opportunity to see especially after living in Miami’s year-round heat. Check out some of the photos I took of the...

Greg Street Sneaker Friends – more old pix

Some more old pix in case you missed it. Tweet

Old Pix from wish/complex party

These are old to me but may be new to you. Pix I took back in April at pre-renovation wish’s Complex Magazine party. Check em out. Tweet

A Film About a Font

I came across this and had to share! The first ever feature film about a FONT – and one of my favs. I realize some of you non-design people do not understand why this excites me but somebody out there is on the same page as me – I know it!! A scene from Helvetica...

feature on wish atlanta –

Check out this article on wish. Tweet

First Weekend of October Activities

We went to a lot of events around the city this weekend. Starting with dinner at new sushi spot Wasabi. Cucumber Ginger Sake. Supercrunch. Spider Roll. Yum. We followed dinner with the opening reception for the Castleberry Loft Tour at the Granite Room Friday night (that was catered by the Sundial with some BANGIN sweet...