First Weekend of October Activities

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We went to a lot of events around the city this weekend. Starting with dinner at new sushi spot Wasabi.

Cucumber Ginger Sake. Supercrunch. Spider Roll. Yum.
We followed dinner with the opening reception for the Castleberry Loft Tour at the Granite Room Friday night (that was catered by the Sundial with some BANGIN sweet potato tortellini – a ma zin.)

A fuselage in your hallway. All I have to say abt that is folks are living fabulously. We’ve been there before but only seen the bottom level – Friday the entire loft was open and its beyond my imagination. Super fly.

Saturday we started the day off at Peidmont Park to check out the Postcards of Atlanta Pushpin show put on by the Atlanta Celebrates Photography – the group responsible for the cool wheatpaste photos that are up around the city. Our foto friend F22 made it to the judging table!
Then that night we went over to Youngblood art gallery for Ryan Flynn’s foto show which was very fun.

Drinks & (photos of) Skateboarding – always a party. Finally, to finish off Saturday night we went to The Relapse Theater for an Erotic Art show featuring some art by our friends Greg West & Mike Snyder.

That was interesting – a show abt erotica in an old church, playing break beats with kids spinning on their heads, and a heavy cigarette aroma to follow you home.

THEN on Sunday, I did the Castleberry Loft tour with Cara & Friends which allowed some insight into the lives of some pretty cool people. There were 9 lofts on the tour and a lot more were open for open houses. Rooftop decks and platform beds galore.

Castleberry is really a cool community – definitely makes living here feel like Atlanta’s a real city. After that, I got to hang with my girl San and she took me to a fun girls game of Spades! I haven’t done that in a while and I got to meet some cool folks from Brickhouse Pub. And finally, to cap off the weekend, I headed over to the super secret design society meeting as we prepare for the first showing. Can’t share too many details yet but be listening out for clues. Atlanta’s design scene is about to kill it!

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  • Kid Captain Coolout

    commented on October 10, 2006 at 2:06 pm

    It’s crazy to see developers take the loft invention… and blossom with it in such an abandoned area. A great deal of my nightlife friends lived over there, but it was in its beginning stages of construction. Walker Street, Peters Street… all extensions of Mitchell Street if you ask me! Lol! Good to see things progress so lovely.

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