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  • Kid Captain Coolout

    commented on October 10, 2006 at 8:41 pm

    Now THESE… are some fresh ass sneaker flicks! Very appealing to my vision they are… hggmmm…

    I’m watching the slideshow view… those New Balance joints in the beginning shot are off the wall! If somebody walked by me wearing them things, i’d be like, “WTF was THAT?!” I saw a mutli-colored pair of Air Max in there somewhere… female vibe… i was diggin them shits. Some of these AF1 and Dunk designs are out-right-re-TARDed! Ooooo… so THAT’s what the AF1 Sakura looks like up close… still aint worth no damn $1500!! And oh SHIT… hold on, gotta go back a flick… them AF1’s with the Daisy’s on em… “Year of the Dog”… i always thought somebody painted them shits like that! Look at Dallas Austin… that nigga KNOW he don’t belong up in there… prolly bought all the Shell-Toes in the place…LOL… j/k… Man, I really aint no fan of patten leather… but i’m starting to think that these are the new age of un-scuff-able kicks. Like the shits you wear in the club… cuz that’s the only place i’ve seen them look good… does the dirt just rub off them joints?

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