Hanging out with Ron Adams

posted on October 23rd 2006 in Art & Design with 1 Comments

Recently I’ve been frustrated with the comparitive lack of ‘antiques’ African-Americans have passed down to one another mostly because of the tainted history of our existence here in the US. Wanting more than your typical spectrum that goes from African Masks to mammie dolls, its becoming more and more clear to me that one of the best sources of tangible history of the last 3 to 4 generations is our ART. Last night, my artist aunt Carolyn Mae Lassiter who’s in town helping my cousin house hunt, took us over to her friend Ron’s loft in downtown Atlanta. Ron Adams – born in 1934 – is a super cool old school artist/lithographer. He’s lauded as a “Master Printmaker” who has hand printed lithographs for some of arts greatest. Check our more about Ron at this site here and see some of his amazing works. He no longer prints, he’d rather create the art these days but thank goodness he is. I love seeing a 72 year old man still doing what he’s always loved to do. It was very inspirational to my 27 year old confused “am I doing what I should be doing” artistic mind.

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