Black Eyed Peas + The Bryant Fam

posted on December 4th 2006 in Concerts & Music & Sneakers with 1 Comments

Haven’t been around to do much posting lately – we’ve been on the west coast gettin it in. While here, I got to check out the sold out Black Eyed Peas show at the Staples Center Friday – also featuring Danity Kane, Frankie J & Ciarra. Overall it was pretty ok. I only know one DK song and the crowd ate that one up – the other songs, not so much. Ciarra actually surprised me bc I’ve heard her live show is kinda weak – but it wasn’t that bad. And girl can dance. I’m also not much of a Frankie J fan but he’s got a pretty large following out in these parts. I’m trying to decide how much of the juicy gossip I overheard I should divulge – or just keep it simple and show a pic I snapped of Kobe & Vanessa while backstage. Hmmm – lets keep it simple! 🙂 Don’t wanna upset my sources! I’m sure most of it is posted on some other official gossip blogs out there anyway.

…and WHAT are these on Kobe’s feet? We don’t know but we sure do like them.

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