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Monthly archive January, 2007

CM Famalam rockin OHGFRO

Lord Sear keeps it fresh Source=CrazySteezYo Tweet

Thug Munny – (Huck Gee Release Party)

Click for pix… The launch at the standard hotel was dope. The i love dust wall and the arts and crafts style munny customizing areas were right on time. Peanut Butter Wolf spinning DVDs was crazy – all old school hip hop in your ear and eyes. The fact that they sold out of 500...

“I see the Influence still shines”

Today we ran into a couple of early influencers in the industry that paved the way of this thing now called “streetwear” First off… Rick Klotz of Fresh Jive fame. the “jive” jump off “tide” joint was the first of many t-shirts I copped from this guy. Peep the flagship store Reserve at the best...

Hebru’s in LA

Fellow former ATLien Hebru Brandâ„¢ is making BIG things happen out here in wallyhood. Check out some of the latest work. No doubt cali is keepin him creative. Group shows are coming up soon and we’ll keep u posted on when the next full show will be. Tweet

Street Art on Melrose

Saw some cool art while strolling Melrose this weekend. Probably old to LA folks, but new to me! bansky, obey & others. Tweet

New Year. New Zip Code.

Happy New Year everyone. We have transitioned to the other side. West side that is! We had a very nice frolaborative goodbye with friends in ATL for new years and now its all about making the most of this 07 in the hills and valleys of Los Angeles. After we get settled, posting will resume....