“I see the Influence still shines”

posted on January 8th 2007 in Fashion & Frolaborators & History with 2 Comments

Today we ran into a couple of early influencers in the industry that paved the way of this thing now called “streetwear”
First off…

Rick Klotz of Fresh Jive fame.
the “jive” jump off “tide” joint was the first of many t-shirts I copped from this guy.
Peep the flagship store Reserve at the best address on Fairfax.

2nd stop… SLB Block Party on N.Fairfax

All in the same gang

Slim Pickens (Year of the Dog/educational lyrics) / Salvador Lucas Barbier (SLB) / Combs(Fiberops)
also in the place to be was my man Alyasha (Fiberops and countless other dope (did he say Dope?huuruuah!!) thangs since the 90’s)

See more pix at the hundreds blog.
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