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Monthly archive April, 2007

A Little Louder

It’s here! Get yours while you can. check Stones Throw for a list of shops. Comes in 3 different colors. Comes with 8×10 glossy and Ruff draft cassette (which we still got in the Path….. SWIt) Tweet

Inqmnd-Buyers Buyble

This is one of the slickest magazine type sites out today hands down no questions.The look , content ,the rotation of music is DOPE!! Peep them and watch your debt total rise to an all time high. Tweet

The Art of God of War II

Yo this is about to be crazy! for anyone out there that has not played this game please go drop $20 bucks on the first one and holla after you finish Pt 2. For those that do know this show is must for any fan of fanasty based art ala Frank Frazetta & Boris. Here’s...

Nike Hockey Broom & Goal Vacuum

Ha the vaccum got Air in it. Get it? Nike + Air forget it. Great design. Won’t make me clean more just slap dust and dirt all over the house! Tweet


B-BOYS…….B-Girls……A E I O U…….Buffalo Gals go round the outside…round the outside Here is the trailer for Planet B-Boy and a few clips from the premiere during this years Tribeca Film Festival. Somebody say BATTLE!!! Tweet

Hip Hop Project

Its interesting that we just met a guy who works with J.U.I.C.E (Justice by Uniting in Creative Energy) here in LA around the same time we were put on to this doc, produced by Queen Latifah & Bruce Willis. Just more enforcement that when you do find a way to channel your inner thoughts through...


Since we have been highlighting NEW sneakers, we want to make sure our “OLD” ones don’t feel abandoned in the back of the closet. Here are a few ways to recylcle your kicks and make you feel good about giving them away: All of these non-profit organizations collect sneakers for needy, sometimes shoeless, kids worldwide....

Our first Root Down

We’d been reading about this weekly party and this week’s guest DJ, the one and only Rich Medina, made Root Down at Little Temple an obvious choice for some Thursday night socializing. Of course, he came thru in the 3rd colorway of the Kool Bob Love’s! E REECE provided some “organic hip hop”. That was...

Christmas in April!

Santa Kicks delivered some presents today: Now that’s what I call love! muchas gracias. Tweet


Many thanks to Scion for doing this tour with De La Soul and live band “Rhythm Roots Allstars.” Last night’s LA show at The Echo was very dope. VERY hot too – and VERY packed. People BETTER be there when its free. I mean, its DE LA! It really was a lot of people in...

HVW8 Sunday BBQ

As promised, we stopped by HVW8 this past Sunday for a nice little snack and some audible and visual stimuli. Ty G and Co. (shout outs to Max, Kim & Jasmine) are excellent hosts and this weeks guest dj was London’s Daz-i-kue. Fun times. Max came thru in a fresh pair of Red Wing x...

We’re Back!

Sorry for the down time the last few days. & THANK YOU to those that contacted us looking for their fix! Lets us know that somebody’s watchin – and in this case, that’s a good thing!! We had to update our site’s feng-shui and now.. we’re back! Bear with us if you find any glitches...