Our first Root Down

posted on April 27th 2007 in Frolaborators & LA & Music & Nitelife & Sneakers with 1 Comments

We’d been reading about this weekly party and this week’s guest DJ, the one and only Rich Medina, made Root Down at Little Temple an obvious choice for some Thursday night socializing.
rootdownRichM - 3.jpg

Of course, he came thru in the 3rd colorway of the Kool Bob Love’s!
rootdownRichM - 1.jpg

rootdownRichM - 2.jpg

rootdownRichM - 4.jpg

E REECE provided some “organic hip hop”. That was pretty good. & I do like seeing MCs perform with a band.
rootdownRichM - 5.jpg

rootdownRichM - 6.jpg
channeling a bit of jimi?

This week has been a series of lovely events.
Fingers crossed for this weekend…

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  • Kid Captain Coolout

    commented on April 27, 2007 at 3:43 pm

    There YALL go again! Man… Bob be takin care of his homies fo’ REALS! This nigga Rich got on the joints that don’t come out until JUNE!! WTF!! I’m still tryn’a get the ones that came out LAST WEEK! You FroLab niggas got me fucked up right now!!

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