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Monthly archive May, 2007

Start Makin “Sense”

Feels GOOD!!!!! It took damn near 6 months to say that about a Hip-Hop record. And twice in one week.shout out to Kanye on the new mixtape. Stand out cuts feat.Lupe,Pharrell,Thom Yorke(radiohead) Kweli, Common and the G.o.o.d Music roster. 4.5 FROS for both you Joes! OHGFRO says so! video from On Smash Tweet

Tokyo welcomes Kool Bob Love

Nike brought the Legendary Bobbito Garcia to Tokyo to host the 1LOVE activites & do what he loves to do most: DJ… And play ball! Nike Japan put together a nice pack for the select group of people who attended the party. Check out some photos here. Kool Bob Love was nice enuff to send...

MC Jilly (Jill Scott) & Lupe Fiasco jazz up UCLA

Click photos for more! Today was the first day of the UCLA JazzReggae Festival with not much jazz but some good hip hop & R+B. Tomorrow is the reggae day but we won’t be attending that – we’ve got work to do. No Holidays people!! Jill blessed us with some new songs that are long...

Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame opened on Fairfax in LA serving Ultra Exclusive New Era hats from the dopest designers round the world! Brought to you from Arsen & the good folks @Kendo LA Tweet

2 Black Guys go round the outside……..

1st installment of TBG “Real Niggas Do Real Things” 07 campaign. 5 more episodes coming soon! Courtesy of Stevenson Gibran Placement Agency “Don’t Hate Frolaborate” OHGFRO says so! Tweet

New Kanye Vid e ohh!!



Mr. Frame’s fixie

Well, well, well – so look who’s got the sick yellow + black fixie rollin thru the streets of ATL. Shouts out to Oman for sharing pix of his custom fixed gear that he put together over in Atlanta. We’ll get u some stickers O! Very nice work. Tweet

super funky bikes

super funky bikes, originally uploaded by FROLAB. After almost 6 months here, we can clearly see that LA is a bike friendly city & we went bike crazy this weekend… first stop: the Pasadena Bike Fest. Spending so much time around all the fixed gear bikes has made us decide that thats the way to...

We did the Do-Over & We will do it again!

IMG_8618.JPG, originally uploaded by FROLAB. We did our 1st Do-Over of the season on sunday. It pays to get on the rsvp list for a free party.LOL.How craze is that!The line was crunk from the time we walked in to when we left. The party kicks off at 2pm sangrias pouring heavy,mojito’s off the meter.Good...

Just completed…

Frolab just wrapped up on some artwork for a few new cds coming out: “Sun Ra Used to Say” by B’more based State of the Arts (SOTA) “Exclusive Rights” featuring Tiffany Paige mixed by DJ Jamad. Tweet

fly type

I thought this was cool… Tweet