super funky bikes

posted on May 21st 2007 in Design & Frolaborators & Nonstop Sports with 1 Comments

super funky bikes, originally uploaded by FROLAB.

After almost 6 months here, we can clearly see that LA is a bike friendly city & we went bike crazy this weekend… first stop: the Pasadena Bike Fest. Spending so much time around all the fixed gear bikes has made us decide that thats the way to go! Been researching these bikes for the last few years and have seen the impact it has made on the new hipster crowds and an increase of people opting for a job as a bike messenger. There’s also a level of design that can take a while to swallow for most, but the things we see people doing creatively with these modes of transpo is inspiring to say the least.
Here are some of the mock- ups of the Frolab custom fixed gears coming to a city near you or no where near you!

Then we went by the Bicycle Kitchen – a “non-profit learning space run by volunteers who believe that bicycles are an ideal (and fun!) mode of transportation whose mission is to make bicycles accessible to all people… to learn about building, maintaining and riding bikes, and to create community among bike riders.”
Sick Fixed Gear bikes at the Pasadena Bike Fest
Orange Fix
Clean & Fixed

Cognito - the 'visionist'