Your local news, your national news, your internet news, have most likely NOT shared the horror of what is going on down in Jena, Louisiana. Six black teenagers are being harshly oversentenced due to a school fight – charged w/ ATTEMPTED MURDER and could face up to LIFE in prison. What started the fight? They sat under a white only tree. A WHITE’S ONLY TREE!!! And the next day, there were nooses hanging from the tree… fast-forward to some black kids beating up a white kid who was left w/ some bruises and now the 6 black kids are being treated like murder capable criminals. This is one of the saddest stories going on RIGHT NOW that the news is NOT telling us about. They don’t have big enough legal representation to make a lot of media noise so we want to make sure you are brought up to speed. Please look into this story and don’t sleep on racisim in 2007.

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(Thx Eric for tellin us about it.)