Cognito - the 'visionist'

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  • Kid Captain Coolout

    commented on October 1, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Riiight… riiight… nice lil’ advertisement idea with the first picture! Color schemes are poppin’ a buddy in da mouf fo’ da sausage bis-tit!! The robe or Gi on that one is HOT!!! DAMN!!

    The Space Invaders Dunny is fresh too!! How tha fuck is niggas gittin’ that print on there so small like that??? Definitely one for the collection holmes… i’m witchoo on THAT!!

    I aint gon’ lie… the Ninja Dunny 8 is no fuckin joke! …but sun!… them Akumabomb diggies???!!! …:shock: …SMO-Mo-mo-MOKIN DOOOD!! Tits on a Dunny??!!! Hell’s yeah!!! Bring on the porn series yo!!!

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