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Monthly archive March, 2008

DJ Jamad: Afromentals Radio #155

AFROMENTALS Download mix 1 And peep “Operation HotCombs feat. Wajeed(PPP) Download mix OHC Tweet
Frospottin in BK

Frospottin in BK

about 18 cousins of mine (ok 6) and I crashed ThreeFro’s (really!) BK homeparty last weekend for an unanticipated fro-pickin and family bonding extravaganza. We forgave Josh (1/3 of the production company) for cutting his off just last week since he was able to produce polaroids and vowed to grow it back, big, by summer...

Boondocks “Uncle Ruckus gets a reality show”

Italy: Jose Parla' & Kool Bob Love

Italy: Jose Parla’ & Kool Bob Love

I met EASE aka Jose Parla round 1999 in Atlanta. Not in the art store or civic yard tagging it up.It was on the dance floor! The kid is mean with his footwork and art work don’t sleep! José Parlà EASEby CPSH Tweet


That’s right, you read correctly. Yo! MTV Raps is coming back on the air and online for the entire month of April. Why? To celebrate Yo!’s 20th anniversary, of course. You’ll be able to check out rare pics of your favorite hip-hop artists, vintage playlists of classic videos, exclusive interviews with Fab 5 Freddy, Ed...

Proh Mic “RawSome” Download

LA based by way of Seattle producer Proh Mic drops a heat rock on us for the freeski weeski! The kid got beats for days and on this lp i see he got lyrics also. Download Here Proh mic is also 1/3 of the crew Hawthorne HeadHunters feat. Stoney Rock & I Ced Tweet

Our condolences…

Corrinne Bailey Rae’s husband Jason Rae, 31, a saxophonist with the Haggis Horns, was found dead in his flat in Leeds, reportedly as a result of an apparent overdose. Our hearts go out to Corrinne and all those affected. So incredibly sad. Tweet


Fred Jr. Michaela Angela Davis A cute Fro in Lil Tokyo Dr.Michael Eric Dyson Little X Stic Man (Dead Prez) More Frotos Tweet

Stussy X Kate Gibb: Screen printing process

Dope interview and edit of the video. Speaking of screen printing. We are working on our samples for Spring/Summer Collection this week! Stay Tuned! Tweet

Ghostface’s “The Big Doe Rehab” Skatedeck + T-Shirt

Saw this on his myspace page: (note the Easter basket in the background to confirm the photo is recent! lol) If you like it, you can bid on ebay… Fresh. Tweet

New Pacfic Division Video “Paper”

These cats are 3 for 3 on the video tip! They are the truth! OHGFRO says so! Tweet
The Force Calibur?!

The Force Calibur?!

So I was running around SF today and I took some reading material with me. I like to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world of entertainment, so I read Wizard magazine. As I was reading I came across some very surprising info about Soul Calibur IV! It’s coming to XBox 360 and PS3...