FROBACK!!!! Stepchild “Hanging Around”

posted on June 27th 2008 in Frolaborators with 4 Comments

Yo! This is a special edition Froback to my early days in the biz. Met these cats when they left LA (for most of the group members first time) and landed in DC to record their first LP as the crew called Sex Cymbal. That project never saw the light of day (industry rule #4080 wins again) but that didn’t stop the 5 man crew from living out their dreams. Hence the hook from the song. The album was a dope blend of Hiphop beats mixed with damn good sanging! If you can find the album go straight to the track “Live for today” that song is on my lifelong playlist of best songs i ‘ve ever heard list forever! I run into Pape , Bro Rahim and Baby Paw from the crew since moving to LA. You Berto ,Ced ,Tre, Whats really good holla at your folks. Injoi and have a safe weekend!

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