posted on July 30th 2008 in Fro-Spotting & Frolaborators with 2 Comments

For all those fros that I’ve driven by and couldn’t stop for fear of causing a serious traffic accident, I apologize! It is for the safety of others that we had to let some seriously DOPE fros pass by, however here’s the most recent crop of frostastic fros that we’ve captured!

UK’s own Dizzy Racal

mi primo Vincenté – frospotting by my parents!! gotta love it.

frospotting @ the ‘otha’ lab

me w/ the lovely afronistas of
BATTLECRY (second spotting for miss Aleia!) @ Anjulie show

Crystal @ the Anjulie show

off Sunset Blvd – on the way to the Anjulie Show

Ya’ll know how it goes: PICK FROS NOT FIGHTS!!

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