Friday Night BET: Locked Out: Ex-cons & The Vote

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Locked Out: Ex-Cons & The Vote

As we get ready to watch Barack accept his nonimation tonight, we’re reminded that there’s always “Pros & Cons” to every great story. Check this out by BET News, co-produced by our frolaborator Catherine Rogers!

premieres FRIDAY AT 11:30P with an encore SUNDAY AT 1:30P

Tune-in to find out why millions of Black people will not be able to participate in this year’s election.

BET News takes an investigative look at disenfranchisement policies that have marginalized an estimated 5.3 million American citizens. Although some debate exists as to whether there remains racist intent in our country’s criminal justice practices, there is no question that certain policies adversely affect the Black community more than any other group in America.

Producers: Catherine Rogers and Samson Styles

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