Friday Night BET: Locked Out: Ex-cons & The Vote

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Locked Out: Ex-Cons & The Vote

As we get ready to watch Barack accept his nonimation tonight, we’re reminded that there’s always “Pros & Cons” to every great story. Check this out by BET News, co-produced by our frolaborator Catherine Rogers!

premieres FRIDAY AT 11:30P with an encore SUNDAY AT 1:30P

Tune-in to find out why millions of Black people will not be able to participate in this year’s election.

BET News takes an investigative look at disenfranchisement policies that have marginalized an estimated 5.3 million American citizens. Although some debate exists as to whether there remains racist intent in our country’s criminal justice practices, there is no question that certain policies adversely affect the Black community more than any other group in America.

Producers: Catherine Rogers and Samson Styles

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  • Jewel

    commented on August 30, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    I agree that there is a disparaging difference in the numbers of Blacks and Whites afflicted by this ‘secret tyranny’.
    But those, like myself – White , are non-the-less affected by the SILENCING OF OUR VOICES.
    I had no idea I was in such vast company. We are the unknown, and we are One.

    The number 5 MILLION plus, is hard to wrap my head around. That’s approx. 1.75% of the US population. And a staggering, 23% of the estimated 227,000,000 citizens of voting age!
    Is there no Champion for this cause? Can anyone in Washington or in my great state of Arizona, look me in my eyes, and tell me this is anything less than a ‘purposeful mis-carriage of Justice’?

    5 plus million people unable to, actually recover from a mistake and be whole again.
    Unable to vote? Unable to have any say-so in the daily to-do’s of life, no federal, state or local political influence, no say so in their children’s education (just try to join the PTA), no way to continue your own higher education (there are no Federal edu. funds for felons), health care (neither mental or physical )? No influence upon anything relevant to their own community or life outside of what little they can do from in their homes – assuming you have one?

    And heres something most folk may not know….you not only lose all the afore mentioned rights but you will also lose your VA benefits if you are convicted of a felony !?! In most cases, that’s regardless of the time and service you have put in. Which seems so hypocritical since the military has waived, once strict policies, on certain felonies to allow for greater enlistment numbers into the military. HUH?

    But, do you know what right wasn’t taken from you? ………..The right to be TAXED!!!
    It is, without question, “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”.

    What is the solution?
    It’s not like a group of felons is going to allowed to have it’s own, giant….”Tea-Party”, and gain the ear and favor of a Washington Fat-Cat to carry our torch.

  • Jewel

    commented on September 1, 2008 at 12:06 am

    OOPS I think I left out my decimal point on …”2.3% of the population”. I shouldnt type so fast.

  • Allee Simmons

    commented on December 16, 2008 at 11:16 am

    Check out the book, “Getting Ahead: An Ex-Con’s Guide to Getting Ahead in Today’s Society” on

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