Wonderfull LA3: Re cap

posted on October 27th 2008 in Art & Frolaborators & LA & Music & Sharing with 2 Comments

Kool Bob Love & DJ Spinna do best what alot of cats have tried to copy. Shower you with musical joy from the genius of Stevie Wonder. The energy meter in the echo plex was full tilt all night long.

Dj Valida(Asad:Footlong) held down the decks at the top of the night.

Proh Mic hoding the golden coin from Hit & Run who printed 400 plus make your own Wonderfull tee.
Mayda del Valle rockin her new t-shirt

Jelizen from Frolab designed 2 of the 5 designs you could choose from and have printed however and whereever you wanted on the tee.

To capture the event frolaborator Janay Everett did a live art piece of Bob, Stevie & Spinna.

Another classic event from our peoples Asad & Ryan from FootLong Development & Keistar Production.

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