Just Google it: the sky

posted on November 23rd 2008 in Living & Nitelife & Sharing with 1 Comments


It took me taking a trip away from Hollywood to see some real live shooting stars! This weekend I ventured over to Santa Fe, NM visiting the Caba Company fam and the breathtaking night skies here led me to the web looking for some details on what all the stars, planets & constellations I’ve been seeing are – and wouldn’t you know it, I googled it and found Google Sky! Its just like Google Earth but with the stars and you can search for “the big dipper” or whatever you’re looking for. Also if you have downloaded the actual Google Earth app, it will tell you about the sky above your location. So next time its super dark wherever you are (sorry NYC and other ‘city’ folks!) if you need a guide, the omniscient google has got your back – as always! Kinda cool

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