DJ Jamad: Afromentals Radio #192

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1. WIllie The Kid – Afromentals Mixshow Intro
2. Mayer Hawthorne – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out (Astro Note Remix)
3. Katalyst ft. Steve Spacek – How Bout Us
4. Vast Aire – Diamonds
5. Mikkey Halstead – La La
6. MF Doom – Ball Skin
7. D3CCPT – ft Black Milk – We Keep It On
8. Exile – Love Line
9. P Casso ft. Senor Kaos – Mr. Hollywoord Remix
10. Homeboy Sandman – Lightning Rod, Lightning Bolt
11. Intelligent Hoodlum – Grand Groove
12. 3rd Bass – Brooklyn Queens
13. Floating Points – Esthian Three
14. Donnis – Thank You
15. Mos Def – Quiet Dog
16. Royksopp – Happy You Here
17. Dorian Concept – The F*cking Formula
18. Mr. Beatnick – Underlined Remix
19. Vikter Duplaix – Looking For Love (Critical Point 58th St Mix)
20. Jamiroquai – Stillness In Time
21. Baron Zen – Burn Rubber (Dam Funk Remix)
22. Stetsasonic – Sally
23. James Pants – Flowers Remix
24. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Computer Game
25. Kanye West ft Kid Cudi – Paranoid

Hour Two

Download Here


1. DJ Jamad Fro-Evah Preview
2. Kool & The Gang – Little Children
3. Issac Hayes – Kisses To Go
4. Rogier – Come Into My World
5. Omni – Don’t Be Selfish
6. Atlantic Starr – Send For Me
7. Usher – Lifetime
8. Musiq – So Beautiful
9. Sergio Mendes – Life
10. Jill Scott – Crown Royal Mix
11. Annabel – Exclusive
12. Rhian Benson ft Slum Village – Say How I Feel
13. Shawty Redd – Inside Of Her
14. 14KT – The Inside
15. Exile ft. Muhsinah – Stay Tuned (Stay Here)
16. Slakah The Beatchild ft Jason Simmons – It’s All Good
17. Boom Clap Bachelors – Forar Til December
18. Jesse Boykins – Tabloids (Drum Machine Remix)

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  • EmAy

    commented on January 28, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    Hey! I’m a fan of the blog, and I’m also a producer that ha currently completed a mixtape. I’m trying to promote it step-by-step, and would really love it if you could check it out for me to possibly help me by posting it on the blog. Tell me what you think!! 😀

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