Artist Frophile: Joan Armatrading

We at Frolab have been bringing fresh new Fro’s of interest for a while now. This

is right in line with that history, having grown up with her music and seeing the

emergence of artist like Georgia we thought you should know?! Joan Armatrading,

born in the Caribbean on the island of St. Kitts released her first record in 1972.

Being the first black woman from her country to gain success in the music scene

of the 70’s. A pioneer in fusing folk with reggae and synths popular around at that

time. Here is a taste of her sound:


We love that she walked her own path at a time when other artists were in the same

vein. We applaud Joan Armatrading for paving a path that motivates artists to be

themselves! This is a Fro you should know, Pick Flows, don’t bite!

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