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Monthly archive June, 2009

“I love the Dual Saw” R.I.P. Billy Mays

We watched Mos Def watch tv on ustream Friday night, and channel flipping inevitably ended up on the DualSaw commercial starring Billy Mays. This was at like 5am on DeLaSoul’s dugout on and now today we hear the Oxiclean spokeman is no longer with us. Billy Mays dead at 50. R.I.P. (lots of oxygen in...

Dwele Remakes “Human Nature” in 7 minutes!

Very cool Michael Jackson tribute by the super talented Dwele. Tweet

Mos Def LIVE on De La Soul’s DUGOUT (ustream)

Mos makes a surprise appearance on tonight’s (this morning’s) De La Soul Dugout on Ustream! Tweet
Michael Jackson: The Fro Years

Michael Jackson: The Fro Years

I thought it fitting that we here at Frolab spray some sheen on the “pre-Jheri era” and honor the years that young Michael Jackson rocked that amazing afro. He had such a pure smile and listening to his voice over the last day reminds us that they’ll never be another! We’ve missed this version of...
Forever came today. RIP Michael Jackson

Forever came today. RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson passed away today at the age of 50. Listen to this hour mix of Michael Jackson & Prince hits by DJ Spinna for his Soulslam x Operation Hot Combs takeover, from last year on DJ Jamad’s Afromentals Radio: download (CTRL+click to download mp3) also download DJ Jaycee Presents Michael Jackson – The Soulful...

Damien Jr. & NAS “Distant Relatives” EPK shot by Nabil

Heard a few dope tracks from this album. A summer cop for sure. Shouts out to our boy Nabil for the video & HVW8 on the cover art. NAS & DAMIAN “JR GONG” MARLEY DISTANT RELATIVES preview from nabil elderkin on Vimeo. Tweet
Afro Coffee, Tea & Cafe!

Afro Coffee, Tea & Cafe!

Brilliant design first drew me in after seeing a image of the packaging on the fun inspriation site “le coil” and I had to find out more! (Wine box radio that really works!) Afro Coffee is a beautifully branded coffee and tea cafe with its flagship location in Salzburg South Africa and now also has...

Video: Pac Div “Mayor” & Senor Kaos “Wake Up Time” RMX

Frolab Favs! Atl’s Next Up! Senor Kaos – “Wake Up Time” (Remix) from The Smoking Section on Vimeo. Catch more of Senor Kaos over at Smoking Section Tweet

A look back: Afronistas of the ’60s

A FB friend shared this with me and it was very postworthy… Check out these captures of classic afronistas of days past from the Magnum Photos vaults. NEW YORK CITY—In Harlem, Arlene Hawkins with afro puffs, 1968. © Eve Arnold / Magnum Photos ALGIERS, Algeria—The wife of Eldridge Cleaver, Kathleen, also an active member of...

EA Sports: Fight Night Round 4 Launch Party

So my man Dukki (MajorDC/ EA) hits me on twitter to invite me to the launch party for Fight Night yesterday. I have not been to an EA event since leaving my gig with them two years ago to move to LA. Let me just say the events here in Hollywood are a lot different...

Trailer: God Of War III for PS3

This and Tekken 6 are the only games that will make me get a PS3. Not mad at my 360. Video Game – E3 2009 – Game Previews Tweet
Slum Village: Remember The Classics Mixtape

Slum Village: Remember The Classics Mixtape

Loves me some Slum Vill and you will too after you listen to this collection of Dilla & SV classics. DOWNLOAD THE MIX HERE Culture Capture Champs x Slum Village circa 2003 “Fall in Love”  Live Tweet