Mos Def: The Ecstatic Samples & Originals

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Here’s a partial playlist of the samples & originals used and/or referenced (even includes some of his adlibs) on Mos Def’s new album “The Ecstatic”

The Ecstatic Samples compiled by FROLAB
– click to visit the imeem page to hear songs in their entirety –

Detailed list after the jump…

01. Supermagic (Produced by Oh No)
Intro: Malcolm X during his 1964 appearance at Oxford; (youtube)
Original Sample: Ince Ince by Selda
– Oh No’s “Heavy” from the album Dr. No’s Oxperiment –
+ The “Heartbeat” sample he sings:
“Heartbeat” by Seduction, 1989

02. Twilite Speedball (Produced by Chad Hugo & Mos Def)
+ The “Feeling Good Feeling Great” sample he says:
“GhettoMusik” by Outkast feat Patti Labelle

03. Auditorium (featuring Slick Rick, Produced by Madlib)
-Madlib’s “Movie Finale” from the album Beat Konducta in India-

04. Wahid (Produced by Madlib)

05. Priority (Produced by Preservation)
-contains excerpts from “Flower” performed by Bobby Hebb-

06. Quiet Dog (Produced by Preservation)
– intro by Fela Kuti from the
documentary “Music Is A Weapon”

07. Life In Marvelous Times (Produced by Mr. Flash)
– Same beat as Champions – Mr. Flash (Feat. TTC)-
(not on imeem but listen on youtube)

08. The Embassy (Produced by Mr. Flash & Mos Def)
-uses “The Joy of Lina” by Ihsan al Munzer

09. No Hay Nada Mas (Produced by Preservation)

10. Pistola (Produced by Oh No)
– by Oh No, made from Billy Wooten’s “In The Rain”
from the album The Funky 16 Corners-
Madlib also flipped this track in his epic Billy Wooten remix,
“6 Variations of In The Rain”
+ The “Cowboys and Girls” sample he sings toward the end:
“Cowboys to Girls” by The Intruders, 1968

11. Pretty Dancer (Produced by Madlib)

12. Workers Comp (Produced by Mr. Flash)
Contains elements from “If This World Were Mine” by Marvin Gaye

13. Revelations (Produced by Madlib)
Previously released as “Savage Beast” instrumental interlude
on the album Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix-
-Contains portions of ‘Colours’ performed by Michael Drake-

14. Roses (Georgia Anne Muldrow featuring Mos Def)
-Produced by and featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow-
+ Mos Def’s adlibs include: T.R.O.Y – Pete Rock & CL Smooth

15. History (feat. Talib Kweli, Produced by J Dilla)
Produced by J Dilla, from a previously-unreleased beat known as “History”
featuring 1968 Mary Wells sample of Two Lovers History-

16. Casa Bey (Produced by Mos Def, inspired by MV Bill)
-Extracted From Banda Black Rio’s “Casa Forte”-

This should hold you down until somebody compiles them all for a mix… u know its coming!

Sources = StonesThrow, Pitchfork, Preservation, Downtown

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