EA Sports: Fight Night Round 4 Launch Party

posted on June 23rd 2009 in ArtToyz&VidGames & LA & Nonstop Sports with 1 Comments

So my man Dukki (MajorDC/ EA) hits me on twitter to invite me to the launch party for Fight Night yesterday. I have not been to an EA event since leaving my gig with them two years ago to move to LA. Let me just say the events here in Hollywood are a lot different then ones in Atlanta.
First fight of the night was Sugar Shane Mosley Vs Sergio Mora (the cat who won the 1st season of the Contender)

It was a quick fight. Mosley knocks him out in the 2nd round. So they held a rematch.

Mora out for the count!

Then the free drinks starting flowing and ran into mad people I haven’t seen in years…

Like my man Dj Babu (Beat Junkies/Dilated) and his son Neko who put a whuppin on his old man.

like i said the free drinks were flowing so freely that i missed the main event.

Snoop Dogg Vs Mike Tyson

Seen the Champ but missed the Dogg which i heard won the fight.

Good times all around. Shout outs to our peoples J.Rocc, Rachel (Nike),

Steve & Craig from Frank 151, CJ (Konsole Kingz), Jack Sample, and my EA crew

Roy, Summer and N5 THE GREAT!

Fight Night Round 4 in stores June 25th.

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