Interviews w/ Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins

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Check out these recent interviews:

LA Record interview with both Georgia & Dudley –



…if you’re in LA, you can pick up a copy at most record shops. Didn’t see a link to the text online.
(*UPDATE – article is online now – click here)

Also check out this new Urban Daily (BlackPlanet) Interview w/ Georgia.


Georgia: “If there were no sisters, there would be nothing. All of this is evidence of our existence. We created all of this. As creators, I do believe that we need to step up our responsibility. It goes back to “Roses.” The reality of it is we have to create our own happiness and inspiration. Or look to nature for inspiration, and create it. Because then it will be something that is undeniable. We need to get ourselves together, instead of worrying about how we look- what type of weave we are going to put in, or how white we can look. I see people that get whiter every month.”

“There is a whole set of expectations from a woman now. Her weave gotta be right and I’m on a whole other side. I got lint in my fro right now. (Laughing).”

Preach sis.

* UPDATE: & peep the new LA Weekly.

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