The Simpsons go to Africa

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The Simpsons go to Africa

The Simpsons go to Africa

Is that a fro-ffant Marge? An ad agency in Angola created an African interpretation of the Simpsons family to promote the launch of the series in Africa.

From Hello Magazine

Television’s favourite family have been given a cultural makeover to celebrate the first time The Simpsons will be broadcast in Africa.

Although the series will keep all its original features, a promo pic shows the family with dark brown skin, instead of their trademark yellow.

The image – in which the characters are dressed in Angolan-inspired clothing and flip-flops – shows Marge with a black Afro-type hairstyle instead of her normal blue bouffant, while Lisa has swapped her spiky yellow ‘do for braids.

The programme, which was first broadcast in 1989, will be shown on Africa’s digital satellite television service DStv.

The African launch comes just months before the release of the 20th anniversary series, in which Coldplay’s Chris Martin is to appear.

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