young Georgia Anne Muldrow

photo of a young (pre-fro) Georgia Anne Mudlrow by Cognito, cerca ’03

So FINALLY everyone will have their hands on “Early” – the latest release from Georgia Anne Muldrow but not her latest music. The album is a collection of songs the soulful singer/songerwriter/producer wrote when she was just 17 – 19 years old (about 9 years ago.) The first single “Runaway” gives you a taste of the optimistic, dreamlike lyrics of self love and determination for a better future. What’s interesting is, when you hear young Georgia, you realize how if you’re up on her more “current” music, not THAT much has changed. Her honestly in her content is so beautiful and so unfortunately rare in this day and age, she proves even more that she is clearly before her time… or rather, we late.

Cognito and I have an alternate experience with this music since these are the songs that first introduced us to Georgia over 5 years ago, before Stones Throw, Worthnothings, Patti Blingh, PPP, Sa-Ra, etc. SO in those 6+ years watching her career and knowing that the masses hadn’t yet heard THESE songs was one of those “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” issues that will be exciting to finally see how “they” respond. If you’re an Okayplayer junkie, you may have gotten your hands on the “sampler” that floated for a while (this project used to be refered to as “Young G”) and you’ll be happy to know that these are THOSE songs, but the ORIGINAL, Cody-ChesnuTT style in-her-bedroom versions. That sampler was from studio re-recordings of these tracks that still will probably never see the daylight but who cares, these versions are way more organic and representative of the time they were made. For many, this will be their “first” impression and I can only hope once folks get caught in the web, they really get into the growth of Georgia as an artist and not spend too much time bantering about ‘how come she doesn’t sing like this anymore?’ She DOES – she’s evolved from these “Early” songs and listening to her 10 year span of music reveals new things each time you do. Her sound is richer and her will and spirit strengthened.

These songs are so special and we are all very lucky that they are finally being released officially. I think in a time when music doesn’t seem to be telling you very much about yourself except how good it feels to have things, or be ‘fierce’ and want for stuff or a man to get some stuff for you, or how sad it is when you don’t have a man… and that it sucks to be by yourself, or blah blah blah… here comes these deep long OMs of fresh air to give you some positivity and serious ‘hell yeah i’m alright, its gonna be ok and i wanna be better. and actually, i’ll take some time to enjoy my life, by myself or otherwise. I’m good.’

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“Georgia Anne Muldrow Mood Remedies”

Georgia Anne Muldrow “Early” Tracklisting:

1. Child Of The Sun
2. Never A Day In Vain
3. Run Away
4. Break You Down
5. Sunset
6. Keep It Real?
7. Alone With An Angel
8. In Love Again
9. Let It Go
10. Gears (Sing It Again)

Here are a few of my “Georgia Anne Mood-Remedy Recipes” I like to prescribe to my friends and frolaborators when I sense any of the following symptoms, with a few snippets of her beautiful lyrics:

PROBLEM: You’re in a dead-end relationship… you know a situation you’re in needs to stop…  you’ve fallen out of love with yourself or your partner… you’ve got a pretty ‘feel sorry for yourself’ disposition about your outlook on love… really the problem is within but u need help overcoming it:

REMEDY: In Love Again.
“I shrug my shoulders at the thought of being in love with someone else than  you. I wanted to spend me sometime with myself, get to know who I’m turning into. Stronger and wiser, my vision of love won’t be real til it comes from inside. I fell in love with my life, with my journey – there’s no need for me to compromise.”

PROBLEM: You have NO idea WTF is going on… with life, love, work, home, whatever. Nothing is going right. Not sure what ANY of it’s for.

REMEDY: Never a day in Vain.
“…it’s hard to keep your head up when life’s smoke obscures your gaze. I pray to see the beauty even in that smokes dark haze. And when i feel worthy to receive, the universe opens up to me. I’m a wide open vessel, true love expressin’, I’ll never live a day in vain… feeling bad is natural, to love the sun we must know rain… just don’t let it infect you, wash it out before it stains… there’s so much to support you, the water earth and air, this life is such a privilege, give thanks because it’s there.”

PROBLEM: You work for a bastard. You hate your teacher, that cop that just gave u a ticket, your credit card company. Whatever. You’re mad that a certain person even is IN your life but there’s not much you can do about it.

REMEDY: Don’t Let
“…. don’t let them make you forget who you are. don’t let them break you down. growing  up is hard to do, sometimes the world will make a fool of  you. Some folks don’t have a clue about you or what you came to do. Heads up, you’re steppin child. Life’s its own reward if you can smile. Follow your heart right now, you gon’ work it out cause you got style…  are all your intentions clean? instead of taking, what are you giving? Don’t act like a Dairy Queen, there’s so much more to life than just ice & cream….  money will come and go, but what do you invest in your soul? lets try reaching for bigger goals, let’s try living the path we chose”

PROBLEM: You’re just over seeing the wackness. You’re eyes are TIRED. Too much reality TV. Its messin with your chi. Too much fakeness, sadness… on the way home, in your family, at school, at work, at the club. Whatever the case may be, you just need a CHANGE of scenery and a better outlook.

REMEDY: Sunset
“…I need a golden dream again. Need my copper colored eyes to be used for the sunset. I need a better day to come. For my spirit to arrive renewed just like the sunrise… I failed to exhale tryin to breathe in, afraid I wouldn’t have the time to manifest what I was dreamin, before I left this world behind… Life always finds its ways to test me… and I’ve got eternity to pass. I wanna be the very best G. Wanna live beyond the looking glass….. illusions look so realistic. these pictures that they paint with fear. with truth they’ll just kiss off like lipstick. they’ll find oasis in their tears. who knows the mystery of tomorrow? who knows the rest of what’s to come? I came to live in this here moment. To live a sweet life in the sun…”

PROBLEM: In your head? Looking for answers? not realizing the gift of life we have? missing someone. loving someone. falling in love. realizing they’ve been there all along? feeling incomplete?

REMEDY: Alone with Angels
“i like being alone to lie with Angels, they look just like you gorgeous, you might deny being an angel, but i see the true spirit has given you an awesome magic, not too be abused. there’s a vision of love and you must reveal it… dance, show us its face. heaven lives in your feet, its more than a halo. rise, sway to life’s song. one day you’ll feel complete thru the days glow. eyes, filled with such calm. journey goes on and on like an OM like an OM…”


(CDbaby mp3 album available NOW!)

Future projects to look out for:

“Kings Ballad” – coming out next year on Ubiquity.

“SomeOthaShip” – new G&D (Georgia & Dudley Perkins)

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