Goapele Ft. Mos Def – Different (Remix) {Unreleased}

posted on April 25th 2010 in Afronistas & Frolaborators & Mos Def & Music with 4 Comments

different  - goapele and mos def

Goapele & Mos Def - New Years Eve 08-09

Goapele & Mos Def – New Years in San Francisco 2009 – Photo by Cognito


Check out this unreleased version of “Different” produced by Bedrock, featuring Mos Def off Goapele’s last album Change it All. The original album version featured Clyde Carson. This unreleased version was recorded as a remix after the album was released.

Download hereGoapele Ft. Mos Def – Different (Remix) [Unreleased]

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  • stefgenfree

    commented on May 7, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    WoW! i’m so grateful for Frolab.com n all tha frolaborators fuh real freal. Talib Kweli in Ventura May 23rd Block party celebration before n afterparty @ my crib in da OX. ERR body n dey mama invited…900 W. Iris st. Oxnard, CA 93033! Love to love all yall. thank God. much love,mo steF! 1.

  • mo stefgenfree

    commented on May 22, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    y i burly herd dis song, i ounno; perO im dum grateful. o dis song reacht ma soul. even wit a free download, my slo can onlyown dis wit memory in tow frm promptn on my soul so i’ll replay it sum mo til i’m sho i know also to help these vibes flow as i grow sum mo cuz God sed sO hear me a go…eventually home. peace love.

  • FayeBey say keep the Faith

    commented on May 22, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Dante Bey say…boogieman hard egg crack easy i heard em say dat come to mind err time dat u turn away it’s funny how i go from the deepest gaze to da sidelong glance tryna peep ya gait thoughts racing to my mind i can’t keep em straight da birds buzzing on ya ears till u keep away it’s fair game ma me feelN da same but den it’s hard to explain how i change when i c ya face n den da only thought to mind is like keep the faith love we gon conquer da odds the sun moon n da stars so hot damn wat da people say love we right where we belong we quiet riding da storm the son shower the seeds of day love dat grow great as the seasons change rock on break da dawn like da breezy bey hey say baby love wut u say?…Faye Bey say…verily u scary como el Cucuy Mommy used to warn me bout as a lil lady to fear disappearing maybe cuz u mean so much to me now I’m hating me fuh fronting acting like a baby no vocabulary still Yah ovastanding others stay hating saying I’m crazy pues ya se it’s a waste trippn cuz we was made different fuh good reason pigeons cooing cocks crowing meanwhile love growing daily without you calling n I ain’t complaining cuz ya mere memory soothing but not distracting cuz while we both living won’t u be near me physically regardless of anything I’m steady dreaming I could b the Winnie to ya Nelson, da Betty to ya Malcolm by any means necessary love ain’t leaving I’m saying n praying u marry me or grant me nothing and still I’ll be happy for all that you’ve given Bey u a blessing!!! Plz 4give if this msg ain’t pleasing but it’s wut my heart been bleeding…I love to love u always n 4ever! …peace…

  • sablesteF!

    commented on May 30, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    MuthaFUnk this song! GOT 2 b more careful. that’s y i wont listen to R&B hardly jank stirs up too many memories i wanna keep buried…@ least4now…wit ma weak…n pieces over land mines disguised as welcome signs…ugh…O Father 4give me but sometimes i feel it woulda been easier to never have loved or better yet been loved for it 2bgone…NAHHhh! i b trippn cuz i miss, but ungratefulness is a diss so everybody i appreciate this regardless hugs n kisses love u dears, mo steFinitely n sincerely…peace plz…1. hehe 😉 otra vez…stuu…SO:)

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