History: Happy Juneteenth.

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Been in this game for years.

Been In This Game For Years

June 19th, 1865 marks the day that the last slaves were freed and is referred to as “Juneteenth.” Growing up, my parents were always heading to a Juneteenth celebration in Maryland, Virginia or South Carolina. Now living on the west coast, I haven’t felt that there is the same kind of connection to ‘black history’ as you feel when in the south. And historically, that makes since. It also doesn’t seem like our younger generation spends much time remembering these ‘slave’ holidays but I think its worth mentioning, especially if you don’t know anything about it! Take a little time to think about the ‘freedom’ we are now born with and what you’ve been able to do with it and what you’re not doing with it! Freedom ain’t free! Do something with it! We’ve come a long way but there is still much progress to make – we all have a part to play! Just stay wit it. Here’s a link to a Time magazine brief history on the day and google it for more info if you’re interested.

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