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  • steFanie Faye Gentry

    commented on July 30, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    peaceful greetings! CREAM OF THE PLANET!!! me hear it all day ova n ova gain me find a way n honestly keep going… wuuuuuu dat “cream of the planet”, ridiculously flame. straight kill fuh the real dat feel…ooohweee yatitimeen jellybean…fa shigadell mah nig! the man was like,”…Ghetto people say: this is the way it is, this how we gotta live. It’s peace, power, overstanding, no cowardice!” and so much more! Do yourself a favor n hear dat good love that come with Ski Beats musically and Mos Definitely lyrically…wuuu…superNICE! much love to YAH n all yall, mo steF! peace. 1.

  • stef genFREE

    commented on July 30, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    I’m free. Now what? AHhhh! Father forgive me for forgetting forewarning. In so many ways me unworthy, but, God, use me! I’m willing to speak truthfully, keep loving, and most importantly, give YAH all the glory! O Lord Jesus, YAH know, guide me=we go…
    Jus wide awake dreaming but i was wondering any1 else fiending fuh fambam unity to end pinche tyranny wit they greedy…There’s enough on Earth for everybody. Babies starving, legalized murdering, animal conditioning is uneccessary, so is the vanity of extra money. None of yall better than anybody, fuh no reason, yall trippn, thinking you that pretty an aint a nair noticing, we all human beings. If you think me=we crazy, u under a brainwashed craze to think the taser gun weigh the same in the Oscar Grant case where the jury was insane, getting paid, or mo slaves cuz this type of shit happens everyday. Me just sayN we get free, next what we doing? What you wan go eat? Den dancing in the streets? No rioting (Lordamercy) me say: SPEAK (too big) feats fuh the children to see how Victory keep comingwhile we standing for the dream to keep going. Tryna be classy, steady wasting, when we could all be advancing. C’mon homie that’s too much flossing, cuz arrogance ain’t lasting. That’s y i’m laughing, cuz yourn ignorance is showing all lat greedy hating. Many disgusting, some too comfy, and we all choosing contributing to history by simply being. We are human. Yall feel me? YAH see we. Stoop kids or blessed chillren I LOVE U regardless of anything with prayers for JaH blessings for errbody. much love, mo steFinitely. peace. 1.

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