Audio: Record Breakin Music 5 Yr Anniversary Mix by DJ Lil Dave

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In celebration of Record Breakin’s 5 year Anniversary we asked our friend DJ lil’ dave to do a mix of tunes from the catalog as well some future gems that will be coming out on the label. So enjoy and spread the news!

L.P. aka Lisa Preston intro
Dotmatic – It’s Yours
D n S – GUM (Daz-I-Kue remix)
M64 (Ragen Fykes + Ohmega Watts) – In the Pocket
M64 (Ragen Fykes + Ohmega Watts) – In the Pocket (Grillade remix)
Anthony Valadez – Dawn (Noam Remix)
Mndsgn (aka Mindesign) – Sussexz
J1 feat. Coultrain – Parable
Sir Froderick – Loverazor
I, Ced – Angel (She’s Like Magic)
Anthony Valadez feat. Vivian Perez & Samiyam- Rising Love
Kanu – Leavestaygo
La Melodia – Chemistry
Kissey Asplund – Move Me
Spinnerty – 53 Pickup
Dotmatic – Go
Spinnerty feat. Replife – Foundation
Sir Froderick – Pick&Twist (Sir Karniege)
Mndsgn (aka Mindesign) – Ms. Taken
Joy Jones – The Joy (Daru remix)
Record Breakin’ Ensemble – Flamengo
Coultrain – Balancing Act (Souled Recordbreakin’ Edit)
Spinnerty – Just Listen 2 (DJ Limbs remix inst)
lil’dave – Chips & Salsa
DJ Stylus feat. Ty, Lyric L, & Motet – The Uprock
Tai Allen + Vicelounge – Canned Goods
I, Ced – The Finale (O.G. mix)
I, Ced – The Finale
L.P. aka Lisa Preston outro

Record Breakin’ Music 5 Year Anniversary Mix by DJ lil’ dave by Recordbreakin

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