Froback Video:Lalah Hathaway “Baby Don’t Cry” + MOP TOPS Short

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Froto Shot By Cognito-Culture Capture Champs™


This is one of my favorite songs and video. Salute The Mop Tops killing it on the dance steps. Miss this era of boogie.

Congrats to Lalah on her Grammy win this year.

Peep this video doc on the Mop Tops Under The Cut

Elite Force is a part of Mop Top crew in NYC. Main members of Elite Force are Buddha Stretch, Henry A.K.A. Link, Loose Joint and E-Joe. They have done so many music video. (Probably, they are the dancers who appeared in music video most.) They especially became popular in when when they did video for Lalah Hatherway’s “Baby Don’t Cry”, Mariah Carey’s “Emotion”, “Dream Lover”, and “Fantasy”. They also did Machael Jackson’s “Remeber the time”. The PBS documentary “Wreckin’ Shop from Brooklyn” introduced about them also. They also have got prop from club scene in NYC. I remember, everytime I go to Mecca Party which is the biggest hiphop party in NYC, there is always a circle around them.

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