DJ Jamad: Afromentals x Frolab “FRO-POWAH HOUR #15

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Afromentals X Frolab “Fro-Powah Hour” #15 by Frolab Radio on Mixcloud


tracklist after the jump

1. SLik D – Fro Powah Hour Intro
2. Radiohead – Feral
3. Dirty Art Club – Red Giant
4. Pac Div – Take Me High
5. Saigon feat. Devin The Dude – What The Lovers Do
6. Vitamin D presents Stay Hi Brothas – Valentines Day
7. Duffstep – Backseat
8. Mode –  Stepping Stones
9. Res, Ab Live & Talib Kweli – Say You Will Remix
10. Mphono feat. Flying Lotus – Cut Form Crunch
11. Salva – Beached
12. Roddy Rod – Line Dance (Shine Mix)
13. Taprikk Sweezee feat. Earl – Newend
14. Kotchy – Good Luck
15. Supreme Team (Madlib & Karriem Riggins ) – Interview #4080
16. Chima Anya – Top Banana (6 Foot 7)
17. Rah Digga – Check Me Boo ((9th Wonder Still Checkin’ Remix)
18. Pharoahe Monch – Clap.One.Day
19. Dutchmassive / The Hobbyshop Hero – Crew Faces (for Understanding)
20. Jesse Boykins III – Nectar
21. Tall Black Guy vs Michael Jackson – Stay With Me
22. Tall Black Guy – Thrill Seeker
23. Kindred The Family Soul feat. Snoop Dogg – You Got Love (Jag Mix)
24. B Young – Feel That/ Carry On
25. Total Science feat. Darien Brockington & Phonte – Wasting Time (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
26. Jesse Boykins III – Before The Night Is Thru
27. Raekwon – Sweep Week
28. The Clubhouse feat. Coco (of Quadron) – Sleep
29. Laws & Prynce Cy Hi – Honor
30. Ke$ha feat. Andre 3000 – Sleazy Remix
31. Dibia$e – Smoothsailin
32. Chris Brown feat Kevin McCall – Real Hip-Hop Shit
33. Tabi Bonney – Get Me
34. Murs & Terrace Martin – Fresh Kicks
35. James Blake – I Mind
36. Om’Mas Keith – Uh Oh It’s Love

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