Video: Mos Def “World Premiere” on Fuel TV “Daily Habit”

posted on March 10th 2011 in Culture Capture Champs & Frolaborators & Mos Def & Music & Photography & Videos with 6 Comments


Froto Shot By Cognito- Culture Capture Champs™

Flaco commands the stage for dolo on this dope performance from  “The Daily Habit” on @FuelTV.

Shout out to @Iam_SetFree for the link to the video. Peep his blog at High Snobiety

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Cognito - the 'visionist'

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  • steFanie Faye gentry

    commented on March 10, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    “Know That”, i’m loving. Thank ya kindly for posting. now read we if meant to be……….fun t den a bee z fREALly. yall don’t event know me, but YAH does though…sweet love stay close! Allah people say: “HALLELUJAH”. black roses been chosen for… moor?…mo steF! go.”K!”

  • steFanie Faye Gentry

    commented on March 10, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    p.s. RIP to a true O.G. my Uncle Robert Earl, today is his birthday. i miss my elders’ embraces sOOO much, but i still feel them near!Great Mama Chuy, Grandma Elva, Grandma Margaret, Great Grandma Margaret(the true author of “Footprints”), and Great Grandma Bettie Lee. Greatfully, i got plenty memories(:Thanks Mommy and Daddy:). God guide me=we. k.

  • stefanie faye gentry

    commented on March 10, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    crystal clear WORLD PREMIERE! cream of the planet HEAR, cuz it’s been hot in here but never fear cuz love’s near. while lovers eyes tear, dem haters ears sear. n t wayz, give CHEERS cuz Dante dum dear. p.p.s. (dum=so extra i’m dumfounded:) also…RBG. y que? free Mumia, Sundiata, Assata, and many moor.

  • jwonder

    commented on March 15, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    damn mos why u gotta be so fine plus have a beautiful mind…let me drop ur 7th seed please forgive my plea…and honesty they say u moved to new orleans say the word i’ll pack in the mornin

  • stefanie faye gentry

    commented on March 16, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    JWONDER! now u know he married! … to ME! LOL jusplayin, only in my dreams. OOwe tho, i pray whoever blessed with the present of his presence treat him properly like pure royalty, daily, mos definitely. Know i ain’t crazy, but extra loving, and i pray the same ting for u baby. mo steFinitely! 1love!

  • stefanie faye gentry

    commented on March 17, 2011 at 12:30 am

    On the Mighty Mos Def’s, “World Premiere”, he said…”Bey laser rays major endorfin/ Black birdie to get it early and often/ n kept the hair low n let the beard grow/ belly flat body fat like zero/ Flaco fresh and slim as King Michael/ I’m pretty like Ali, stinging butterfly flo/ from the gutter to the heights to the Eiffel/(might wanna sitdown shorty)/ walking through the clouds, dreaming, not an eye closed/ that ain’t a star, it’s lights from a sideshow/ poor haters they being so spiteful/ i love life, that’s y I never mind so/ I’m having a great time all the time folk/ snap the bolts off, baby, let you wig out/ quit frontin’, it’s you and me in hear now/ How it feel now? It’s getting clear now/ I see your new steps, we need to work em out/ Close the door, we can get fresh n free/ Never mind how they got it, cuz it’s not like me/ M.D. indie Boogieman so fresh n free/ It’s like dark amber, great fruit, and Egyptian/ fresh butters hard bodies and thick skins/ crocs gators tussles over advantage/ don’t they care? service the average dick/ Open and see 5th ave shoe a pair/ n if u could then this might be something u could wear/ and if you can’t relax homie nobody care/ Life is exact that don’t make it fair/ I don’t apologize for none of my advantages/ I thank the good Lord everyday for having ’em/ for moreover they make life doper for the truest black star that never been on Oprah/ (ha) The revolution ain’t a tv show, unless of course, I’m on tv tho;) / Stay tuned tonight at noon, we’ll see/ never mind how they got it cuz it’s not like Bucktown/ til they break the bread/ Bucktown! n u don’t stop. yes yall!n we round the rock! uh Yes yall!n we don’t quit. uh Boogieman wit the Ultimate soul legit/ Yes yall, and we don’t stop! uh Boogieman make the planet rock./ Boogieman productions will always stay paid.(ha)/ We take the freshest song and make it fresher!(ha)/ Remember I ain’t tooting my own horn, but what I say is, I did, in fact, write the arrangements/ the now dangerous Boogieman amazingness/ psych major make em knock off the crazyness/ Haters hate to live, this is the way it is/ a new time zone, baby, what day is this?/ O! it’s right now, only, always/ Life never ends, it’s just a long day/ It start when you born, it pause when you gone, and keep going on/ baby, what time we on?/ Eastern standard Bey only, always/ The clock of Destiny hands sweet time away/ and when time fades digt up my remains/ 7 mcs in a line 1 is not the same/ so let it be what it be, they got it how they got it but, it’s not like (butterfly) so let it be what it be, they got it how they got it but, it’s not like Bucktown!/ n u don’t stop! Yes yall!n we don’t quit. n we don’t stop./ Madlib make ya body rock! yes yall! n we don’t quit/ a boogieman wit the Ultimate, soul legit/ uh yes yall n we don’t stop/ til the break of dawn rock on forevermore! Wooooooo! Woooooooooo! Peace! Peace.” sumthin like dat. straight crisp…mo steF genFree!

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