VIDEO: Erykah Badu “Out My Mind Just In Time” Pt. 1

posted on May 27th 2011 in Afronistas & Creative Control & Erykah Badu & Frolaborators & Videos with 1 Comments

Creative Control x Erykah Badu – video for the last song on her recent album Nu Amerykah Part 2 – Out My Mind Just In Time “MOVEMENT ONE” – I hope this means there are 2 more videos coming! And can I just note that Miss Badu recently celebrated her 40th and she dancing around like that?! Yes ma’am! Continue to teach the children mama!

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  • Le Chele

    commented on May 30, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    I really like song. I’m not sure as to why I never bought her last LP. She definitely has still got it.

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