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This is an in depth look at the hardcore lifestyle and fraternal brotherhood of the only all black outlaw motorcycle club in America.

Outcast M.C. was forged from the social revolutions of the Sixties, emerging from an era that gave birth to the Vietnam war, the Civil Rights movement, the Black Panther party, and the Sexual Revolution. It was a tumultuous decade and people all across the country were grasping for self identity and the freedom to express themselves. At the time “Biker life” was a predominantly all white counter-culture contrasting that of the Peace and Love movement, but the ideals of freedom,non-conformity, and loyalty were not exclusive to only white folks and neither was the love of motorcycles and the freedom of the open road.

Detroit, Michigan (1969) the founding members of Outcast started what is today a strong brotherhood of active members and clubs in 30 states nationwide. Over forty years after its inception, Outcast bikers are still proud to be in the 1% of people who live by the code of outlaw. They wear all black, ride black Harleys, and live by their own rules. They call their women property and their jackets colors. They fly their flag like a badge of honor and don’t take shit from no one! To them Outcast is more than a name; It’s a way of life.

This documentary will be a backseat ride into the dark world of these self-proclaimed outlaw bikers. We will explore the history and close brotherhood of the club and meet the colorful characters that live the life of an Outcast. Through our exclusive access we will capture the essence of Biker Life and ask the questions that come across peoples minds when they hear the loud roar of the Harley Motorcycles and see these unruly characters dressed in all black. Who are they and what do they stand for? The depth of the answers may surprise you.

Get ready for a gritty piece of Americana from a throwback era of tough guys, roaring motorcycles and plenty of middle finger attitude.

This is Outcast Forever.

Who We Are:

Digital Soul is an Atlanta based film company specializing in creative content, documentaries and music videos.

DeVaughn Hughson– Director/Photographer is a graduate of the Art Institute and CEO of Digital Soul. His past projects include the boxing Documentary “Heart of A Champion” and docu-comedy “Source Awards from Behind” both distributed through Image Entertainment.

Jason Staten is a co-owner and producer at Digital Soul where he has  collaborated on many projects.

Gabe Moscovitz – Editor/Co-Cinematographer is a graduate of NYU’s School of Film and Television.

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