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  1. Regular Show Diploma Clip

  2. Dan Brown The Barber –  Fro Powah Hour Intro

  3. Insightful – Pom

  4. Jahah – Bare My Heart

  5. DJ Spinna ft. Ovasoul7 – Surely

  6. Kameron Corvet – Snap Out of It

  7. Robert Glasper ft. Erykah Badu – Afro Blue

  8. Camp Lo  – Luchini (TBG Remix)

  9. Count Bass D – Blues For Percy Carey

10. JJ DOOM – Banished

11. Rossi B &  Luca – Mind the Gap  (Teeza Temix Inst.)

12. LV & Untold – Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix)

13. Buraka Som Sistema – We Stay Up All Night

14. Blaxton – Xtnd

15. Chip Tha Ripper – GloryUs

16. Nostalgia 77- Sleepwalker (Ambassadeurs Remix)

17. Piu Più – BMF

18. Rick Ross – Hustlin’ (Locsmif Remix)

19. Hudson Mohawke x Aaliyah – Somebody

20. Star Slinger – Moet & Reese

21. Kwala – Tobias

22. Thavius Beck – Thavihaus

23. GMK – Up Up Down Down Left Left

24. Lovebirds – Keep Coming (Alex Bowman Mix)

25. Jay Dee – Think Twice (TurboJazz Mix)

26. FunkSoulSister – Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now (Jimmy the Twin edit)

27. Kenna & Lupe Fiasco – Say Good Bye to Love

28. Little Dragon – Seconds’ (Cris Prolific Remix)

29. Miike Snow – Devil’s Work

30. Soia – Mood Swings

31. Sam A LA BAMALOT – Delta Waves

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