ShuChef©: Nash Money X Sole Dxb “The Bedouin” Visvim+NB1500 Custom

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One of the illest sneaker customizer on the planet Iron ShuChef© Nash Money has freaked another pair of Visvim FBT.

This time he traveled to Dubai to link with the Sole Dxb crew to prep for surgery.

Peep how it went down below.

Via:Press Release

“Nash came to Dubai a week prior to the Sneaker Summit to meet with the creators of Sole DXB’s, Hussain, Josh and Kris, who’s purpose was to highlight and represent the growing sneaker culture in the Middle East, and to offer enthusiasts an event that they can call their own.

After sharing his first sheesha and much conversation with the DXB misfits, Nash was brought up to speed with the life, history and new growth of Dubai. He immersed himself in their sneaker culture and its core influences: performance, luxury and of course lifestyle.

Finding inspiration in the local markets of Satwa, amongst the haberdasheries & high-density shawarma cafes. The founders were adamant that Nash brought their goals to life in one of his signature Visvim hybrids. The Visvim to represent luxury,together with a twist of performance and one of a kind mash-up with the New Balance.

A final element yet to be incorporated was the historical culture of the Middle East. The answer of which lay in the use of the local traditional ‘Majlis’ fabric on the skirting of the FBT. ‘Majlis’ which fittingly means a place of gathering, as 4000+ visitors including the sneakerheads and brands of the region gather at Sole DXB for the birth of this truly one of a kind shoe.

Twitter: @SoleDxb & @nashmoney




Cognito - the 'visionist'

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    commented on July 9, 2016 at 9:57 am

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