DOOM curates the new issue of Frank 151

posted on June 6th 2012 in Art & Culture Capture Champs & DOOM & featured & Frolaborators & Photography with 1 Comments

FRANK DOOM COVER photo by Cognito

(Cover photo shot by Cognito-Culture Capture Champs©)

DOOM puts down the mic for a sec and reached out to his  artist friends fam to put this dope issue together.

I have know DOOM for 10+ years and have frolaborated on many projects, so it was an honor for Frank 151 to let me rock

the cover and write up a lil something for this classic release.

Frank 151 has place on my resume as being one of the first mags i worked with for the 1st 9 issues of the mag.

Salute to the Malbon brothers for keeping the culture well inform on the dopeness for going on 10 years.

Peep this video they put together to highlight the dope artwork in this issue.

Via:Frank 151

Frank Chapter 48: DOOM (curated by the man himself) is hands down one of our favorites to date. Part of the reason we’re so excited about it is all the incredible artists we commissioned to illustrate DOOM lyrics. We animated just a sampling of the featured lyric illustrations—plus a few other gems—in the second Illustrated Lyrics video.

Artists: Jason Jägel, Travis W. Simon, Max Bode, Trent Call, Mr. Kiji, Nick De Pirro, Marcelo Gallegos

Cognito - the 'visionist'