New Cody ChesnuTT album *Landing on a Hundred* Out NOW!

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Landing on a Hundred

As big Cody ChesnuTT fan’s around here, we’ve been waiting 10 long years for his followup to The Headphone Masterpiece. We saw him perform at Sunset Junction in LA in 2009 and captured clips of him sharing live versions of the “Scroll Call” and “What Kind of Cool,” which are both included in this new album.

Those tracks, along with a few others he relased along the way – especially the sweet “Come Back Like Spring”- have kept my Cody cravings at bay, but FINALLY we have an album!
“Landing on a Hundred” is worth the wait and a more ‘finished’ project than the bedroom produced “Masterpiece”, and definitely a bit more uptempo and meant to be seen and heard live, so we look forward to his next tour stop nearby. While it deserves many more listens before a I could sum it up in a “review” of sorts, I have heard it enough to highly recommend it be added to your music library. I mean THAT VOICE! Honey. So far “Chips Down” and “Til I Met Thee” are on replay in my head.


1. Til I Met Thee
2. I’ve Been Life
3. That’s Still Mama
4. What Kind of Cool (Will We Think of Next)
5. Don’t Follow Me
6. Everybody’s Brother
7.Love is More Than A Wedding Day
8. Under The Spell of the Handout
9. Don’t Wanna Go the Other Way
10. Chips Down (In No Landfill)
11. Where is all the Money Going
12. Scroll Call

Get it on iTunesAmazon (best price!), or direct from label (UK):

Also check out a recently recorded acoustic version of the album cut “That’s Still Mama” captured by OKP TV, and keep watching til the end to hear how ChesnuTT breaks down the specific incident that inspired the song:

Cody ChesnuTT’s new album, “Landing on a Hundred” out NOW!


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