Season 1 of Adult Swim’s “Black Dynamite Animated” hits the shelves this Tuesday 7/15 on DVD/Blu-Ray.

All 10 episodes are here to watch over and over again with classic skits feat. Michael Jackson, O.J Simpson and Richard Pryor and of course the motley cast of Black Dynamite,

Cream Corn, Bull Horn and Honey Bee.

This is a *Must Have* for fans of creator Carl Jones other animated classic “The Boondocks” listed as the 17th most watched show on the network.


LA: DVD Signing with the cast and creator of “Black Dynamite” Tuesday 7/15 at Amoeba Records on Sunset 6pm


Michael Jai White, voice of ‘Black Dynamite’, Creator, Producer, Writer (“Arrow”), Carl Jones, Creator, Executive Producer, Writer, Director (“The Boondocks”), Tommy Davidson, voice of ‘Cream Corn’ ( “In Living Color”) and Byron Minns, voice of ‘Bullhorn’, Creator, Writer.


In anticipation of Adult Swim’s Black Dynamite: Season One debuting on Blu-ray and DVD July 15th, there will be a signing event at Amoeba Music in Hollywood with filmmakers and voice talent from the top-rated Adult Swim TV series and 2009 live–action film!


Amoeba Music

Address: 6400 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Phone: (323) 245-6400


Tuesday, July 15th

DVD Signing: 6:00pm – 7:30pm PST

Please RSVP to:

Black Dynamite Season Two

Premieres October 2014 on Adult Swim