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History: Happy Juneteenth.

History: Happy Juneteenth.

June 19th, 1865 marks the day that the last slaves were freed and is referred to as “Juneteenth.” Growing up, my parents were always heading to a Juneteenth celebration in Maryland, Virginia or South Carolina. Now living on the west coast, I haven’t felt that there is the same kind of connection to ‘black history’...
Don't Touch the Fro! Allison Keyes on NPR

Don’t Touch the Fro! Allison Keyes on NPR

Check out this 4 minute audio of NPR show “Tell Me More” guest host Allison Keyes discussing the topic “Keep Your Hands Off The Hair”- [display_podcast] A “Pick Fros Not Fights”topic for REAL! If you rock a fro, or locks even, you probably know what its like to have someone just wanna touch your hair. This happens to...

Mos Def X Jay Electronica Tonite!

Special performance tonite! Tweet
The Kwanzaa Song - Georgia Anne Muldrow

The Kwanzaa Song – Georgia Anne Muldrow

[display_podcast] Happy first day of Kwanzaa – UMOJA {Unity!} Tweet

Grateful For The Day

[display_podcast] Rickie Byars Beckwith – Grateful For The Day (from “The Love Project”) -produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow- Let this one get stuck in your head. Tweet
Spotting it in the park!

Spotting it in the park!

Labor day weekend in the Bay area brings together some of the best DJ’s the city! Doing in the park has been going for a few years now and it’s a great time for everybody to get it in.Naturally I had to spot the Fro’s in the house! Big Shout out to Trackademics, Super Nat...
Don't fake the fonk.

Don’t fake the fonk.

So today brings about mixed emotions. I’ve seen lots of “Happy Fourth of July” tweets, some just looking for the BBQ, and then the reminders that while this is America’s “birthday” – the date we celebrate is for a country where Africans were still slaves and “liberty and justice” were not for all – in...

Happy Fathers Day!

To all you daddys, baby daddys, uncles, and mamas who have to be both… Happy Fathers Day! Here’s a song from album “Conversations With Dudley Perkins” Dudley Perkin’s “Dearest Desire” – a message to his daughter… & Ms. Dezy’s reply to her “Dearest Daddy” featured on Georgia Anne Muldrow’s “Ms. One presents…” album. Enjoy your...

Green Lantern!

So there have been many rumors about a pending Green Lantern Movie. With all the superhero movies this is a classic character that I think everyone knows. Along the rumor route it’s been said that Common is expected to play Green Lantern John Stewart in an up-coming Justice League movie. As with all things rumor...

Blame it on the e-e-e-e-economy! Obama spoof video!

jokes. yet so true. “Stop trippin. We gon’ make it!” Tweet

17 years later: How are we getting along?

(George Holliday / Courtesy of KTLA) This week marks 17 years since the LA riots sprung by the historic Rodney King verdict. We all remember his plea “Can’t we all just get along?” – So, how do you think we’re doing? We may have a black president but do you think racial tensions have eased...

Congrats to Lil John, Jill Scott & new baby Jett!

Wow! 20 inches @ 4:20pm on 4/20?! Go Jill! Congrats to Jill Scott on her new baby boy Jack JETT HAMILTON ROBERTS! the news from YBF:  She and her fiance Lil John welcomed their brand new baby boy into the world yesterday.  Jill’s mother says baby “Jack” “JETT HAMILTON ROBERTS” and his mom are doing...