Complex magazine took some time to name “The 50 Greatest Music Photographers Right Now” and Frolab’s own Cognito makes the list at #28! While we acknoledge there are definitely some of our favorite photographers who were omitted, its a nice shout out and we’re super proud of the Culture Capture Champ for being recognized for his dopeness!

28. Cognito

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Cognito goes by many names, as a result of his many artistic lanes, all of which are under the FROLAB umbrella. As Cognito, he’s Mos Def’s official concert photographer, but has also photographed artists like The Roots, Erykah Badu, and Talib Kweli. In 2010, Cognito had a groundbreaking show at HVW8 gallery in LA, showing the incredible moments he captured of Mos Def on and offstage during his Ecstatic tour. He’s a true hip-hop documentarian and continues to amaze us with his breadth of work.

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