What’s Frolab?

It’s bigger than a fro.

Frolab is an integrated creative and production resource based around the concept of “frolaboration”. We provide an outlet for urbanites thirsting for authentic experiences that embrace hip hop, art & design. In addition to keeping the blog updated, our services include design, photography & videography, and event production.

View our design portfolio site here + our photos here.

The founding frolaborators are the faces behind Jelizen Dezine (art director/graphic designist) & Nonstop (multi-medium visionist) – Jewell (@missfrolab) & Cognito (@frolab). Our network with other creative thinkers, suppliers, and visionaries is the foundation from which each Frolaboration comes to life. Stay tuned for constant updates and contact us if you’re interested in frolaborating on a project.

Pick Fros Not Fights!™